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Keiko the baby baku

When you sponsor Keiko, we will make
a donation to Save the Elephants
As is part and parcel of being a baku, little Keiko has the head of an elephant, the ears of a rhinoceros, the legs of a tiger, the body of a bear, and the tail of a cow. This has left this sweet creature with what can only be described as an "identity crisis."

Your sponsorship will not only be applied to Keiko's feeding and grooming, but will help cover the costs of her psychological counseling, which at present is extensive and ongoing.

AGE: 209
HABITAT: The fantasy forest
DIET: Devours nightmares
LIKES: Children (to play with, not eat)
QUIRKS: Best friend is a platypus
DANGER POSED: Don't call on her too often, or you'll risk the loss of your hopes and dreams

"Legend has it that a person who wakes up from a bad dream can call out to baku. A child having a nightmare in Japan will wake up and repeat three times, "Baku-san, come eat my dream." Legends say that the baku will come into the child's room and devour the bad dream, allowing the child to go back to sleep peacefully. However, calling to the baku must be done sparingly, because if he remains hungry after eating one's nightmare, he may also devour their hopes and desires as well, leaving them to live an empty life. The baku can also be summoned for protection from bad dreams prior to falling asleep at night. In the 1910s, it was common for Japanese children to keep a baku talisman at their bedside." [source: Wikipedia]

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