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Still in pandormancy. New creatures will be available once we crawl out of our hole

Governed by the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences, the Fabled Creature & Endangered Monster Rescue is the Omniverse's oldest and most respected beastie-aid agency.

We don't just keep critters alive, we enable them to thrive in loving, nurturing environments where they are encouraged to be all they can and to use their unique powers and gifts for the betterment of all. Our innovative Friends Are Not Food initiative has turned many a bloodthirsty monster into a delightful well-behaved dinner guest.

Please note, after a good many adoptions gone wrong involving legal action, military intervention, and the odd massacre, our monsters are no longer available for adoption by those who live in polite society. Instead, we offer the Beast Benefactor program that will ensure your creature a safe home in a secure location such as on an unpopulated planetoid, a pocket dimension, the Underworld, etc.

The original logo from 173 R.C.
As a benefactor, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about species that may be unknown to you
  • Sponsor a creature and receive certification, a thank-you letter on behalf of your new beastie bestie, updates on their progress
  • Feel warm & fuzzy when funds are donated (in your name) to a recognized animal-care organization or shelter

The Nemean Lion's share of all proceeds (50+%) will be forwarded to traditional animal-rescue organizations. 
Feel free to request a specific recipient organization when sponsoring your critter.