... New beasties as well as the Peculiar Pet Fair coming 2023 ... (roar) ... (squawk) ... (squeak) ... (snort) ...

Coming Thanksgiving weekend 2020

Beginning September 2020, the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences will undertake rescue efforts to save mythological beings who are persecuted or on the verge of extinction. 

This program will enable caring citizens to:
  • Learn about creatures that may be new to them
  • Foster tolerance between species
  • Sponsor a fabled creature and receive certification plus a thank-you letter on behalf of your creature
  • Feel warm and fuzzy when money is donated (in the citizen's name) to a recognized animal-rescue organization or shelter

Details to be posted 1 September 2020
(unless our webmaster is spirited away by harpies)

The Nemean Lion's share of all proceeds (50+%) will be forwarded to traditional animal-rescue organizations. Feel free to name a specific recipient when adopting your critter.